"Tajikistan – Water User Association Development for Farm Privatization Support and Rural Infrastructure Rehabilitation"

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Since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Tajikistan has struggled to regain economic momentum. The World Bank-funded Farm Privatization Support Project and Rural Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project in Tajikistan were designed to revitalize the Tajik rural sector through an ambitious program of land privatization, agricultural development, rural credit service, rehabilitation of irrigation systems and village drinking water systems, and the development of users groups for both irrigation and drinking water.

Staff from Riverside Technology, inc. (RTi) have assisted in the establishment and development of 26 Water User Associations (WUAs) covering 95,000 ha of irrigated land throughout Tajikistan. These staff have developed numerous WUA establishment and development manuals (in English, Russian, and Tajik), and have conducted extensive WUA training programs throughout Tajikistan.

RTi staff have been instrumental in developing and submitting to the Tajik national parliament a complete legal framework for WUAs in Tajikistan, developing and implementing a WUA monitoring system, assisting with the development and introduction of WUA irrigation service fees and water charges, and coordinating and linking WUA institutional strengthening activities with the projects’ physical rehabilitation program. Other activities have included coordinating WUA institutional strengthening programs with the projects’ agricultural development activities, and developing rules and procedures for irrigation asset transfer from government to WUAs.