World Bank/Projects and Operations, 08/05/2005

 Project Status: Active (2005 - 2011)

Link: http://go.worldbank.org/5BWNB651C0

The Ferghana Valley Water Resources Management Project for Tajikistan objectives are: (i) to improve the capacity for increased irrigated agriculture productivity in the Ferghana Valley by improving land and water management, and (ii) to improve safety and regulation of the Kayrakum Dam and Reservoir. The project consists of the following components: Component

1)      will finance design and works for rehabilitation of pumped and gravity irrigation and drainage systems serving some 30,000 ha of farm land in the Kanibodom and Bobojon Gufarov raions.

2)      Component 2) will fund (i) design and works related to rehabilitation of the Kayrakum Reservoir dykes in Kanibodom and Bobojon Gufarov raions, and (ii) technical studies, dredging and other equipment and instrumentations, and minor works to increase operational performance and improve management of the Kayrakum Dam and Reservoir.

3)      Component 3) will fund the necessary institutional capacity building for (i) establishment of Water Users Associations (WUAs), (ii) improving agricultural productivity and achieving more efficient water use patterns, and (iii) ensuring proper environmental impact mitigating measures.

4)      Component 4) will fund assistance to the central Project Management Unit (PMU) and to the regional Project Implementation Unit (PIU) established for project implementation.