Chinese Company to Build Hydropower Station in Tajikistan


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Chinese Sinohydro considers building Nurabad-2 hydropower station on Khingob confluent of the Vakhsh River in Tajikistan, Asia-plus reports.


Draft agreement has been prepared by the Tajik Ministry of Energy and sent to China.


Planned production capacity of the Nurabad-2 station is 200 megawatt with annual production of 740 million kilowatt per hour.


A source in the Tajik Ministry of Energy said the costs of the projects are unknown yet.


“Only after Chinese side signs the agreement will we be able to launch feasibility study and determine the final cost of the project,” source in the Ministry said.


Sinohydro was to invest into another hydropower station on the Zarafshan River with capacity of 150 megawatt. However, after neighboring Uzbekistan expressed concerns over ecology and possible future lack of water for irrigation,