Emomali Rahmon gives start to construction of Sangtuda-2 dam


November 29, 2010


Yesterday Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon took part in the damming of Vakhsh River for construction of Sangtuda-2 hydropower plant and its dam.

Speaking at the damming ceremony President Rahmon said that constructors have managed to fulfill 90% of works on main and auxiliary facilities of the given hydropower station, Tajikistan Presidents press service reported. He added that installation of hydromechanical equipment is also under way.

Currently more than one thousand experts, including designers, engineers and constructors from Tajikistan and Iran, are working and performing their duties at the construction site of this vital facility,President Rahmon said. There is only one step left before this hydropower facility is commissioned and as soon as it becomes operational Tajikistan will be able to increase annual production of energy by 1bln (KWt/hour). This will play significant role in providing electricity during autumn-winter period.(EURO)

Rahmon noted that a series of principal works worth more than 1bln Somoni ($225mln USD), joint investments of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Tajikistans Government, have already been completed since the beginning of the construction of the hydropower station.

Tajikistans President stressed that the Government of Tajikistan plans to erect at least ten small and medium hydropower plants in the future and we are planning to use your experience and skills and attract you, constructors of Sangtuda-2 HPP, to construction of these facilities,he said.

Those difficulties that people of Tajikistan face for many years due to shortages and lack of energy in autumn and winter period obliges us to undertake all possible efforts to remove all possible difficulties. On the other hand, currently reducing reserves of fuel (hydrocarbons), rising prices for oil and gas at the global market and rising demand for energy, hydropower energy, requires more effective development and expansion of energy sector,President Rahmon said. Additionally, Tajikistan is one of the main founts of glaciers and sources of clear water. It possesses 60% of Central Asias water resources and just like other nations of the region we have the right to use this natural resources. According to sustainable standards and norms of international law, acknowledged by the international community, and which are published and registered in hundreds of international papers, and in line with the global practice, natural resources and resources located on the territory of any country belong to this exact nation, people and sovereign state.(EURO)

Id like to stress once again that this is the right of the people of Tajikistan and it does not bear any negative impact on the environment of the region or water balance. Quite the contrary, it will give a significant stimulus for the development of hydro energy and economic sectors in the region,President Rahmon said.

Experts say that Sangtuda-2 hydropower plant, the fifth hydropower station on Vakhsh River, has a very suitable location from technical, project and economic point of view. As a supporting hydropower facility it can operate using water resources of Baipazinskaya and Sangtuda-1 hydropower plants and will not affect reduction of water flow in Amudarya River,Tajik President said.

Emomali Rahmon noted that in late October this year energy supply in the republic was limited to 10 hours a day. This means that Tajikistan is still facing energy shortage and this situation requires expansion of works at the given facility using all possible opportunities. There is a need for specific decisions to overcome energy shortages and achieve one of strategic goals energy independence.

I hope this important facility will become operational before our remarkable national holiday, 20th anniversary of Tajikistans independence,Tajik leader has said.

Information: The construction of Sangtuda-2 HPP was officially launched on February 20, 2006. The construction of the 220MWt Sangtuda-2 HPP is the joint Tajik-Iranian project. Iranian Sangob is the contractor general of the given project. The Government of Iran allocated a $180mln credit for the construction of the given facility, which is expected to become operational till the end of 2011. Sangtuda-2 HPP will be the property of Iran for 12.5 years. Sangtuda-2 HHP is the lower footstep of the Sangtuda hydro energy knot (Vakhsh River) and operates simultaneously with Sangtuda-1 HPP using gates of Nurek reservoir and allowing to use daily regulation of the water flow and cover tough winter loads.