Tajikistan battles water pollution, toxic waste


November 5, 2010


Tajik authorities convened a roundtable meeting on Friday to help create an action strategy to tackle a slew of serious environmental threats facing the country.

Tajikistan must contend with a large number of major environmental challenges in areas including water pollution, soil erosion and untreated industrial waste pollution from toxic chemicals.

Around 35 specialists from state and regional agencies sat down in Dushanbe Friday to discuss how to implement an environment protection concept and a coordinated action plan with the support of the local office of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

The deputy chairperson of Tajikistan’s Environment Protection Committee told the roundtable of the need to focus the work of all the different environmental agencies by formulating a governing concept and a plan of action.

"The implementation of the Concept will improve the environment in all regions of Tajikistan," a Friday OSCE report cited the Environment Committee Deputy Chairman Aykhon Sharipova as telling the group.

"Structured and coordinated implementation of the Action Plan will contribute to environmental developments and effectively address environmental challenges," said the OSCE’s local Environmental Officer Nana Baramidze.

Part of the battle against threats to the environment is fought in the spheres of environmental legislation and policy.

To that end, the report noted, the OSCE is also working to support the Dushanbe government’s efforts to draft and implement environmental policies.