Tajikistan to limit power use to 12 hours per day


October 27, 2010


Tajikistan’s Energy and Industries (EI) Ministry announced on Tuesday that will be limiting citizens’ electricity use to 12 hours per day to ensure the country’s power reserves last through the winter, the Tajik news agency AsiaPlus reported an EI ministry source as saying on Tuesday.

“All this will give us an opportunity to generate more electric power than last year,” AsiaPlus reported the source as saying. “Therefore, residents of areas where electricity rationing has been introduced or will be introduced will have electricity no less than 12 hours per day.”

The source did not say when the rationing would take effect. Several remote locations of Tajikistan are already under rationing which began October 1 and limits power use in those areas to 11 hours per day, AsiaPlus reported.

The EI source said the combination of limited use and 224 new small hydropower plants will help prevents the blackouts that have plagued the country in past winters.

Tajikistan has this year imported $11 million worth of electricity, totaling 285.6 million kilowatt hours, the Tajik news agency Avesta.tj reported on Wednesday.

Restricting electricity for half the day will also help Tajikistan maintain water in the Norak reservoir, which powers the hydropower plant there.

Tajikistan witnessed one of its worst power shortages in the winter of 2008, when freezing temperatures combined with prolonged power outages meant many locals had to survive without heat for long periods of time.