Earthquake of 5,7 points occurs near Nurek HPP in Tajikistan

August 4, 2010

There was an earthquake measuring 5.7 points in the southeast of Tajikistan. The Dushanbe seismic station told Itar-Tass on Wednesday that the quake's epicentre was 58 kilometres from the Tajik capital, in immediate proximity to the country's largest Nurek hydropower plant.

Residents of Rogun and builders of a hydropower plant bearing the same name outside the city felt a 4.0-point earthquake, according to a 12-point scale used in the CIS. Dushanbe residents also felt minor tremors.

According to the Tajik Emergency Situations Committee, no destruction has been reported.

Over 2,000 light earthquakes are registered in Tajikistan annually. The latest strong earthquake took place this January in the Pamirs; it left over 20,000 people homeless.


Slight eartquake jolts Tajik capital Tuesday night

August 4, 2010

An earthquake of slight intensity, measuring 2.3 on a 12-point scale, was felt in Dushanbe Tuesday night, at 21.26 pm, according to the Dushanbe seismology station.

The source said the epicenter of the earthquake was some 68 kilometers southeast of Dushanbe and in the epicenter, the intensity of the tremor was 5.5. The Geophysics Service at the Russian Academy of Sciences reports the tremor occurred at a depth of 33 kilometers.

The quake could be felt in some other regions of Tajikistan as well. The tremor measuring 4.0 was felt in Roghun and intensity of the tremor felt in Norak was 3.4, the Dushanbe seismology station reported.

No injury or damage was reported, according to the source.