President visits Sangtuda-2 construction site

July 27, 2010, Payrav Chorshanbiyev

On Tuesday July 27, President Emomali Rahmon visited the Sangtuda-2 construction site.  This power plant is being built with help of Iranian specialists.

According to presidential press service, the purpose of the visit was for the president to get acquainted with the pace of the station construction and study the possibility of introduction of the station first unit into operation by the end of this year.

1,200 workers and specialists, including 850 Tajiks and 350 Iranians, are now involved in the construction of the Sangtuda-2 stations.

During a meeting with builders, the president noted that the station was a striking example of fraternal and friendly relations between Tajikistan and Iran.  Rahmon noted that a 220 MW Sangtuda-2 would be able to generate up to one billion kWh of electricity per year, presidential press service said.

For his part, Behzad Islahatchi, CEO of the Dushanbe office of Iranian company, Sangab, which is building the station, noted they would take efforts complete the station construction by August 2011.

We will recall Tajikistan and Iran signed a protocol for Iran to construct the 220MW Sangtuda-2 hydropower station on the Vakhsh River in Dushanbe on January 12, 2005.  During President Rahmon’s visit to Iran in January 2006, a number of agreements providing for Iranian assistance for several Tajik infrastructure projects, including construction of the Sangtuda-2 HPP, were signed.  The Sangtuda-2 HPP was scheduled to become operational by 2012 but Tajik officials wanted it to be inaugurated sooner than schedule.  Once the power station is built, all the revenue over the next 12.5 years will go to the investor and Tajikistan will become the owner of Sangtuda-2 after this period expires.