CESVI helps repair two drinking water systems in Khatlon




June 30, 2010 - Nargis Hamroboyeva


The Italian Development and Cooperation Fund (CESVI), an Italian NGO, on June 22 inaugurated two rehabilitated drinking water supply systems in Ozodi and Komsomol villages of Jomi district in Khatlon province, according to the REACT bulletin.


In Ozodi, an existing borehole was rehabilitated and connected to a newly-installed pump and reservoir, supplying drinking water through a network of 19 new taps.  In Komsomol, a repaired well was connected to a submergible pump, which is now feeding 53 taps.  The drinking water supply systems will be managed by the local authorities and the Water Users Committees set up by the beneficiary populations, the 2,300 inhabitants of the villages and the surrounding areas.


CESVI undertook the work as part of a 3-year project, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, to improve water supply and hygiene conditions in the rural areas of Jomi district.  WFP supported the project through Food for Work, while the local population and authorities provided labor and technical expertise.


CESVI is one of the biggest humanitarian organizations in Italy. Founded in 1985, it has about 30 offices all over the world.  CESVI provides assistance in emergency situations (including famine and epidemics), helps refugees and flood victims, supports reconstruction after disasters (earthquakes, tsunami), implements projects for sustainable development and environmental protection in poor countries.


The organization is sponsored by Italian private donors (34%), public donors (European Union, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, United Nations agencies), foundations, companies, local authorities.  Among its fields of expertise are the problems of food/nutrition, HIV/AIDS, health, refugees and IDPs, shelter, water and sanitation.