Tajik fish industry has potential




June 18, 2010, By Rakhim Nazarov


Over 50,000 tons of trout is possible to breed in reservoirs of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAR) of Tajikistan. 


According to Akhmajon Gafurov, director general of the Mokhii Tojikiston national enterprise under the Ministry of Agriculture, clean and cold water, which is in abundance in GBAR, provides for successful trout breeding. Currently, 5-6 fisheries in Tajikistan breed trout. After studying the industry’s conditions and considering growing prices for trout, several other companies have shown interest in establishing trout breeding fisheries. 

“Now, Tajikistan has about 70 fish farms. The upward trend in fish production and cultivation is well observed in the Khatlon region. However, the industry has a number of serious problems and needs large investments. These include the lack of specialists and technology, and problems with production of fish fodder. The fishing industry needs specialists trained in Turkey and Russia. GBAR fisheries will send a group of young people to study in Russia,” said Gafurov.

Last year, Tajikistan produced 54 tons of fish, while the need is 14,000 tons per year. This year, according to the national program, fish production must reach 700 tons, but in fact this figure may be about 1,000 tons.

In the 1980s, Tajikistan used to produce about 5,000 tons of fish per year.