Tajikistan asks Russia to provide Alazan-6 antihail rockets



June 2, 2010 - Nargis Hamrabaeva


Tajik government asked Russia to provide Alazan-6 antihail rockets.


In his official letter to the Russian government Tajik Prime Minister Aqil Aqilov asks Russia to provide Alazan-6 antihail rockets to Tajikistan, Tajik Agency of Hydrometeorology told the AP.


According to the source, Tajikistan extremely needs antihail rockets to mitigate the risk of flooding in villages and protect farmlands from hail and heavy rainfalls.


This year turned quite difficult for Tajikistan in terms of weather conditions. Frequent rainfall, which cause mudslides already caused multiple disasters in which 40 people were killed and 40 missing. More than 300 people reported injured. Disasters caused severe damage to the country’s economy.




Editorial Note


Antihail rockets (AR) have been used for decades to disperse clouds and reduce heavy rainfall.  The modern rocket uses silver iodide, as opposed to lead iodide, and is much less toxic to the environment. While the process of determining which clouds can be seeded and which clouds have already precipitated is difficult, there is a science behind the methodology.  The Tajik Agency of Hydrometeorology will likely be charged with the duty of maintaining the system for using the ARs.