Energy-Conservation plan to conserve 1800MW electricity: Pervez Ashraf


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Water & Power Raja Pervez Ashraf has informed that with the implementation on Energy-Conservation Plan approximately 1800MW electricity would be conserved and scheduled load shedding will be reduced up to 33%.


Talking to media after attending a meeting with Tajik Ambassador in PPIB (Private Power Infrastructure Board), Federal Minister said that electricity conservation program will ensure approximately 1800MW electricity preservation adding that electricity generation through Hydro has also been increased after increase of water in Terbela Dam.


He also informed that Pakistan has signed an agreement with Tajikistan to get1000MW electricity and the electricity line from Tajikistan to Pakistan will pass through Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.


Federal Minister also clarified that provision of electricity to Karachi has not been reduced and 300MW electricity would be provided to Karachi from Bin-Qasim Power Plant adding that decision to close street lights one after another lightening point would be implemented.


He also said the government has planned to close down agricultural tube wells during peak public hours.