ADB makes statement on bank official's visit to Tajikistan


March 23, 2010, D. Azizov



The Asian Development Bank (ADB) issued a formal statement clarifying the details of Central and West Asia Department Director General Juan Miranda's visit to Tajikistan.

"The ADB supports
Tajikistan's policy to improve energy security, energy efficiency and trade. It is also coordinated with the Energy Program of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation," a press release said.

In terms of the Rogun Hydroelectric Plant, the ADB welcomes the government's readiness to prepare a project study and the necessary ecological expertise in strict accordance with advanced international practice and standards, including consultations with nearby coastal countries.

The ADB stressed that the credibility and acceptability of these studies will be higher if they are held on the basis of preliminary consultations with all regional countries.

Miranda visited
Tajikistan March 15-16, 2010.