Tajik leader says energy independence will soon be achieved




Originally published by Tajik Television First Channel, Dushanbe, in Tajik, Mar 21, 2010



Tajik President Emomali Rahmon has said his nation will achieve energy independence via unity.


Delivering a congratulatory speech during Nowruz festivities, held in the Botanical garden in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe, which was broadcast by Tajik TV's First Channel on 21 March, President Rahmon said: "We are celebrating Nowruz at a time when everyone throughout the country is united to contribute to the construction of Tajikistan's palace of light, the Roghun hydroelectric power station. And residents of our country's capital, the city of Dushanbe, are at the forefront in this goodwill action. Today all noble people of the country from young to old deeply realize that Tajikistan's future development and worthy living standards of the Tajik nation depend on achieving the country's energy independence. And the Roghun hydroelectric power station is a decisive and important step towards achieving the country's energy independence. Therefore, we channelled all our resources and potential into the construction of this crucial facility. And that day is not far away when we will achieve our goodwill purpose.... God willing all our wishes and goodwill purposes will come true via unity."


The Tajik president also said that power rationing was cancelled throughout the country starting from yesterday and described it as a very serious step towards achieving energy independence.


"It is already a day that we lifted power rationing, 40 days earlier than last year. That is to say that the Tajik people get round-the-clock power supply 40 days earlier than last year. It is a serious step towards achieving energy independence of the Tajik government. It is a very firm step."


He welcomed UN General Assembly's recognition of Nowruz as an international holiday. In his closing remarks he congratulated the country's people on Nowruz and wished them all the best.