Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan agree to conduct international expertise for water-energy projects construction in region


March 17, 2010, D. Azizov



Uzbek and Kazakh Presidents Islam Karimov and Nursultan Nazarbayev agreed on the need to conduct the international expertise of the construction of Rogun and Kambarata hydroelectric power stations, they said at a joint press-conference after the talks.

According to the Uzbek president, the intention to build a large water-power facilities without competent engineering assistance in the area where earthquakes measuring 9 are possible causes anxiety.


"I think if actions are not taken to prevent possible accidents, it can lead to irreparable consequences and tragedies", Islam Karimov said.

"We stand for an international examination of water and energy facilities, including Rogun and Kambarata for the security of our peoples", the Kazakh President said. He stressed that an independent international expertise must answer a number of issues: whether the construction of these facilities is dangerous in the geological plan, whether it will affect the streams, which are essential for both
Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. He said that before arrival he spoke with Tajik and Kyrgyz presidents. "I heard that they are ready for such an expertise, Nursultan Nazarbayev said. I think we must welcome their decision. If the expertise gives positive results, then Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will be ready to participate in the consortium for the construction of these facilities," he said.