No one Tajik project aimed against any third side, says Tajik PM


February 8, 2010, Nargis Hamroboyeva



No one project being implemented in Tajikistan is not aimed against any third side and in this process, taking into account interests of all region’s countries, we are ready for close cooperation with all our neighbors, Tajik Prime Minister Oqil Oqilov notes in a letter of response to his Uzbek counterpart Shavkat Mirziyoyev on February 6.


The letter, in particular, says that the Government of Tajikistan applied to the World Bank more than two years ago with solicitation for assistance with developing the terms of reference for both the techno-economic and environmental and social studies.


“I wrote you (No 23.1/2-10 of December 19, 2007) and all our counterparts in the region about this, officially offering to join international consortium for the construction of the Roghun HPP.  However, we have not received response even after sending the second letter addressed to you (No 14/2-52 of September 25, 2008), while other Central Asia’s expressed their interest,” Tajik premier noted.                


To this day, the World Bank has conducted necessary consultations with the governments of all Central Asian countries, as well as with the interested ministries and organizations of Uzbekistan in January and September last year, and all stated remarks, including requirements for the safety of dam, environmental and social aspects are taken into account in the terms of reference (TOR), Mr. Oqilov stressed.


“As before, we consider that regional consortium (the project for setting up the regional consortium was designed 7 years ago already and it was endorsed by all countries of the region except Uzbekistan) could serve as an efficient mechanism for solution of all water-and-energy problems in Central Asia.”


In his letter, Mr. Oqilov also describes preconditions for Tajik authorities’ decision to resume the construction of the Roghun HPP.  Besides, he notes that Tajikistan takes into account environmental protection issues, water balance and threats of anthropogenic disasters and that the construction of such facilities on the internal rivers is the sovereign right of any country, which is in full compliance with international law.


“However, the Government of Tajikistan expresses readiness to discuss all issues related to this project and for this, to receive competent delegation of Uzbekistan in Dushanbe in the near future,” Prime Minister Oqilov noted.