Tajikistan set to propose Central Asian water use doctrine to be adopted




Jan 21, 2010



Tajikistan intends to propose that a doctrine be adopted on water consumption in the Central Asian region, at the International Water Conference, to be held in Dushanbe in June this year, Tajik Minister of Land Reclamation and Water Resources Masaid Homidov told journalists today.


There are many conventions currently in force which countries of the region signed up to, however, they speak only about the quality of water and its ecological state, he said. "The conventions do not talks about the volume of water consumption," Masaid Homidov added. "Therefore we intend to propose that such as doctrine be adopted," he said.


Masaid Homidov also said that the existing water conventions were more applicable to European countries. "Of course, best paragraphs of the conventions which are connected with Tajikistan will also be taken into account in adopting the doctrine. In addition, the new doctrine on Central Asian water consumption will take into consideration traditional friendly and neighborly relations between the bordering countries," Masaid Homidov said.