Tajikistan offers projects for Afghan rebuilding




January 20, 2010



At the upcoming conference of donors late in January in London, Tajikistan is going to suggest five economic projects for Afghanistan.

According to Khamrokhon Zarifi, Tajikistan’s minister of foreign affairs, Afghanistan takes special place in the foreign policy of Tajikistan, and at all meetings and international conferences on Afghanistan his country will continue suggesting ways and projects aimed to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan and recover the country’s economy.

“In London, Tajikistan is going to suggest projects on the construction of a highway, a railroad, and a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Tajikistan through Afghanistan; and implementation of the CASA-1000 project for electricity transmission from Central to South Asia (which stipulates for construction of an electricity transmission line from Kyrgyzstan to Pakistan through Tajikistan and Afghanistan, and of a 220 kilovolt high-voltage line from Tajikistan to Afghanistan). These projects are of regional importance,” said Zarifi.

Tajik analysts say
Tajikistan has long been trying to convince Afghanistan’s donors in the efficiency of these projects, and this time donors are likely to support them since the Afghan government is interested in these projects. The Tajik Energy and Industry Ministry says the implementation of the CASA-1000 project, providing for construction of a 760-kilometer electricity transmission line, can solve the problem of electricity shortages in Afghanistan, which will help to boost the country’s economy. Construction of highways and railroads is also very important. There is a plan to build a railroad between Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, which will be later connected with Kyrgyzstan and China.