Large-scale campaign on selling shares in Roghun launched in Tajikistan today


January 6, 2010, Payrav Chorshanbiyev



More than 580 outlets for selling shares in open joint stock company (OJSC) NBO Roghun are being opened across the country today.


NBO (Nirugohi Barqi Obi meaning hydroelectric power plant) Roghun is carrying out the stock floatation through agencies of Tajikistan’s savings bank, Amonabonk.


According to Amonabonk’s head office in Dushanbe, physical and legal entities of Tajikistan may acquire shares in Roghun and certificates of shares in cash or on account.


The source noted that each acquired share gives its holder voting authority on making a decision at a general meeting of shareholders.  Volume of dividends and due date for dividends are determined at a special general meeting of shareholders.


While acquiring shares and certificate of shares, physical and legal entities of Tajikistan also receive consignation receipts.  Holder of shares in Roghun has the right to sell, present and transmit the shares.


The Ministry of Finance jointly with NBO Roghun have issued shares and certificates of shares for a total amount of 6 billion somoni (equivalent to some US$1.4 billion) in Tajikistan.  Special paper for issuing shares was purchased from Russia.


The face value of one share is 100 somoni and they have also issued the Certificates of Shares of different face values – in 500, 1000 and 5000 somoni.  Enterprises and persons that will buy shares for more than 5,000 somoni will be given special inscribed Certificates of Shares.


We will recall that an official presentation of shares in OJSC NBO Roghun took place at the Ministry of Finance on December 25, 2009.





Tajik Medical University buys shares in Roghun for 2 mln somoni


January 6, 2010, Mavjouda Hasanova



Tajik State Medical University has bought shares in Roghun for 2 million somoni, Akmal Boboyev, an aide to the University chancellor, told Asia-Plus today.


“A totaled included one million somoni collected by teachers, 600,000 somoni collected by students and 400,000 somoni of special funds of Tajik Medical University,” Boboyev said, noting that another 500,000 somoni will be provided from those funds for buying Roghun shares in the near future.


Besides, two construction teams will be set up from among the University students that will help Roghun builders during summer holidays, the aide added. 





President Rahmon calls on people to make contribution to the Roghun project



January 6, 2010, Avaz Yuldoshev President Emomali Rahmon made an appearance on national television Tuesday evening over construction of the Roghun hydroelectric power plant (HPP) and it significance for Tajikistan.


In his TV address, the president, in particular, noted that the government worked out and have been successively implementing the country development program with focus on three strategic goals: ensuring energy security; bring the country out of the transportation impasse; and ensuring food security.


He noted that along with construction of the Roghun HPP, the government was also taking other important measures to ensure the country’s energy security.  “We are creating modern energy infrastructure, constructing high-voltage power grids and modernizing power plants for a total amount of 4 billion somoni,” Rahmon said.


In the not-so-distant future, water will become one of the most serious problems for mankind and the planet and already today, drinking water in many countries of the world is 3-4 times more expensive than fuel, Tajik leader stressed.  He noted that Tajikistan was lacking substantial energy resources but it was rich in water and power resources. Tajikistan is eighth place in the world in the reserves of water and power resources.  Up to 60 percent of Central Asia’s water reserves are formed in Tajikistan.


Although Tajikistan has reserves of water and power resources in the amount of hundreds of billions of kWh per annum, the country is currently using only 5 percent of these resources, which is not enough to meet requirements of the population and national economy, the president noted.  For this reason, we have been forced to introduce electricity rationing in recent years.  In other words, power shortages are one of the main obstacles in the way of development of the country’s economy today and to tackle these problems we resumed construction of the Roghun HPP tow years ago, Rahmon said.


Despite many financial and economic problems, the government is taking measures to make this old dream come true.


The president called on entrepreneurs and Tajiks living and working abroad to make contribution to the Roghun hydroelectricity project.  As chairman of the Forum of Tajiks and Persian-Speaking People of the World, he also called to them to support “this fateful construction.”  





Dushanbe mayor among the first to buy shares in Roghun


January 6, 2010, Payrav Chorshanbiyev



Shares in joint stock-company (OJSC) NBO Roghun have been available for trading on Tajikistan’s stock market today and Dushanbe Mayor Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloyev along with other residents of the Tajik capital has made contribution to construction of the Roghun hydroelectric power plant (HPP), acquiring shares in OJSC NBO Roghun.


Addressing those present at the Business Center Poytakht, which is one of places for selling shares in Dushanbe, Ubaidulloyev once again underlined the significance of construction of the Roghun HPP for Tajikistan and expressed gratitude to all those who provided support for construction of the station.


The mayor expressed confidence that Dushanbe residents will buy shares in Roghun for a total amount of 200 million (equivalent to some 46 million U.S. dollars) today.  According to him, the Tajik capital’s contribution to the Roghun hydroelectricity project will amount to 1.2 billion somoni (some US$400 million) by the end of this year.


According to the Ministry of Finance (MoF), five million shares in NBO Roghun and certificate of shares for a total amount of 6 billion somoni have been issued.