President Rahmon addresses the Public Council


December 4, 2009, Avaz Yuldoshev



Speaking at the session of the Public Council, President Emomali Rahmon noted today that as chairman of the Public Council he is well aware of proposals and requests made members of the Public Council, the national news agency Khovar reports.


On the energy situation in the country, the president reminded that the country is experiencing electricity shortages in autumn-winter period and noted that like other countries of the region, Tajikistan is interested in rational use of water-and-energy resources.


According to him, the government is currently taking efforts to develop the country’s energy resources.  The maximum use of energy resources aimed at solving the country’s energy problems is one of priorities of Tajikistan’s economy and vital for the country.  Therefore, construction of the Roghun hydroelectric power plant (HPP) is one of strategic issues and without construction of this plant it will be difficult to ensure sustainable socioeconomic development of the country, Rahmon noted.  He also underlined the importance of construction of the other HPPs such as Nourobod-1, Nourobod-1, Shurob, Zaravshon, and Sanobod.


He added that one of the immediate tasks of the Public Council is to explain the significance of the Roghun HPP for the country to the population.


On the upcoming parliamentary elections, the head of state noted that the elections should be organized at a high level.  During election campaign, candidates nominated by political parties should not limit themselves to the program directions of their parties, they should also carry out work with regard to the national interests, Rahmon said, noting that parties and persons running in the elections should act within the framework of the Constitution and other laws of the country.


He pointed to the necessity of taking measures to ensure transparent and free elections.  “However, it is to be noted that transparency of holding of the elections depends on an active position of people and political parties themselves,” said the president, “Political parties should be with the people in the provinces, acting in the interest of state and our homeland.  People see managerial abilities, level of patriotism and human resources of each of political parties themselves and they may assess themselves what contribution one or another political party can make to development of society and protection of interests of the nations.”