WB plans to provide $20 mln to Tajikistan in spring 2010 for budget support




November 24, 2009



DUSHANBE, The World Bank Director for Economic Management for Europe and Central Asia Mr. Luca Barbone completed his three-day visit to Tajikistan, according to press release issued by the World Bank Dushanbe on November 23.

During the course of the visit, Mr. Barbone met with key members of the Government’s economic team and donor community.

Major issues discussed with the Government included a new programmatic development operation that is planning to disburse USD20 million for budget support in Spring 2010 upon successful implementation of agreed policy reforms and additional financing projects in food security, water supply and sanitation, irrigation and education, as well as new investments in energy under CAS 2010-2013.

Parties also discussed the overall implementation of the World Bank projects and programs in

“The international community is greatly impressed by the progress made by the country and pledged full support to its development plans. Donors encouraged the authorities to continue paying special attention to macroeconomic stability, deepening structural reforms and social sector reforms, in particular in education and health. Also, the cotton farm debt resolution decree implementation is very important for cotton producers.”, Mr. Luca Barbone told, adding that “At the same time, there is strong consensus that the primary source of future growth in Tajikistan is in making the full use of the country’s hydropower potential. A number of priority projects are under preparation, and they are going to be very important for future regional cooperation and integration.”

Mr. Barbone visited Bokhtar district in Khatlon province, where he met individual farmers and cotton gin representatives. They discussed the implementation of the Presidential Decree on Farm Debt Resolution in the field.

Tajikistan became a member of the World Bank on June 4, 1993.  Since the inception of the program in Tajikistan, 35 projects totaling around half a billion dollars (US$490 million) have been approved.  The World Bank plays a role as the catalyst of change and an institution bringing global experience to developing countries.

The World Bank’s overall mission in
Tajikistan is to promote economic growth, reduce poverty, and encourage a better quality of life.  To date, the Bank has supported projects and carried out non-lending activities aimed at agriculture and rural development, health, education, social security, energy, water resources, infrastructure rehabilitation, and disaster management, among other things. World Bank assistance, in the form of soft loans, has helped the country rebuild the infrastructure destroyed during the civil war and has supported economic reforms.