Temporary restricted electricity supply schedule lifted in Khorog




Nov 25, 2009, Shonavrz Afzalshoyev



KHOROG - A temporary restricted electricity supply schedule introduced for Khorog and nearby districts last week was lifted on November 24.

We will recall that provisions of power supply to Khorog and nearby districts was temporarily made on restricted basis, while Unit 3 of the Pamir-1 hydroelectric power plant (HPP) was under repairs.

According to the Pamir Energy Company (PamirEnergy), which runs the Pamir-1 hydropower plant, the unit was shut down because of malfunction.  Under the temporary schedule, electricity supplies to Khorog and nearby districts were being cut off for four hours per day (two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening) from November 18 to November 24.

Abdullo Amonbekov, communications and public affairs officer for PamirEnergy told Asia-Plus that the plant specialists had removed the malfunction and reintroduced the unit into operation.

Electricity is currently supplied to Khorog and nearby districts regularly, Amonbekov noted.